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Despite being the leading generator of hydropower in the southeastern United States, Alabama only derives 5% of its electricity from renewable sources. The state does not have a Renewable Portfolio Standard,1
Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory, November 2013
 nor does it have interconnection standards or a net-metering policy. Still, the southeastern portion of the state has solar potential comparable to the state of Florida,2  and there are 18 facilities in-state 3  that contribute to the U.S. wind energy industry, despite the lack of a single wind farm in Alabama.4

Alabama does have some pro-biopower policies, which have helped make biomass the state’s 2nd largest source of renewable energy with nearly 400 megawatts of capacity. And the state’s capital, Montgomery, recently opened a waste-to-energy recycling center that will reduce the city’s landfill waste by 80%. Still, the growth of clean energy in Alabama will be stunted without pro-renewable statewide policies.

Learn more about Alabama and energy with ACORE’s Renewable Energy in the 50 States.


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