California It’s no secret that California is a leader in clean energy. The state was an early adopter of aggressively pro-renewable policies, including a renewable portfolio standard of 50% by 2020.1
DSIRE, October 2015
That early support for renewables has paid off: California already gets 29% of its electricity from renewable sources,2
American Council On Renewable Energy, September 2014
and it leads the country in electricity generation from solar, geothermal, and biomass. The state also reaps significant economic benefits from clean energy. Solar energy alone supports 54,700 direct jobs in California,3
The Solar Foundation, January 2015
and the clean energy sector added over 7,000 jobs in-state during 2014.4
Environmental Entrepreneurs
But the shift to renewables is important for more than economic benefits. California is in the midst of a severe drought, and renewables use substantially less water for electricity generation than fossil fuels do.5
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, June 2012

The state’s entrepreneurial culture has allowed clean tech industries to thrive. Many of the biggest names in clean tech have their headquarters situated in California, including Tesla and SolarCity. Emerging technologies have also gained an early foothold in the state – California has over 100,000 plug-in electric vehicles on the road6
Los Angeles Times, September 2014
and is home to Ivanpah, the largest solar thermal energy plant in the world.7
BrightSource Energy

Looking to build on this success, Governor Jerry Brown announced a goal to increase California’s renewable portfolio standard to 50% by 2050.8
San Francisco Gate-Chronicle, January 2015
  Research has shown those aims to be eminently achievable.9
Energy and Environmental Economics

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