IowaIowa has a lot of wind and a lot of corn. That’s all the sparsely populated state needs to be a clean energy behemoth.

Iowa doesn’t produce the most wind in the U.S. – it’s third in that regard. But it does lead the U.S. in the portion of its electricity that comes from wind energy. The Hawkeye State gets a whopping 27.4% of its electricity from wind energy alone.1
American Wind ENergy Association
It’s no secret why. Iowa has plenty of undeveloped land and wind, and the state used pro-wind policies – like a statewide tax credit for every megawatt generated by wind2
DSIRE, June 2014
– to turn its significant wind resources into a thriving industry.

It’s not just wind power that’s thriving in Iowa. The state produces 28% of the nation’s ethanol,3
American Council On Renewable Energy, October 2013
and is home to the first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant in the country.4
Des Moines Register, September 2014
In fact, the renewable fuels industry supports 73,371 jobs in-state and was responsible for nearly $20 billion of economic activity, according to Fuels America.5
Fuels America
Learn more about energy in Iowa with ACORE’s Renewable Energy in the 50 States.

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