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BiofuelsIn 2005, President Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005, launching the Renewable Fuel Standard and bolstering the domestic biofuels industry.1
U.S. EPA, October 2014

The Renewable Fuel Standard mandates that an increasing amount of biofuels be blended into the national fuel supply each year. That’s helped hold down fuel prices: according to research at Iowa State University, the renewable fuel standard reduces the average price of a gallon of gasoline by $1.09.2
Iowa State University, May 2012
It also weans us off of foreign sources of oil: renewable fuels contribute more volume to the U.S. fuel supply than the gasoline refined from oil imports from Saudi Arabia.3
Renewable Fuels Association
Most of all, the biofuels industry supports a thriving rural economy. The industry supports anywhere from 236,0004
IRENA, May 2014
to 852,0005
Fuels America
jobs in the U.S.

Also thanks to the Renewable Fuel Standard, a nascent advanced biofuels industry has gotten off the ground. The first commercial scale cellulosic ethanol (ethanol made entirely from non-food farm waste) opened last year in Iowa.6
Des Moines Register, September 2014
 Several more have opened since. However, the EPA was delayed in issuing Renewable Fuel Standard volumes for 2014-2015, and the current proposed volumes are below what the biofuels industry is capable of producing. Because of this, the industry remains mired in uncertainty.

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