North Carolina
North CarolinaNorth Carolina is a solar energy leader in the U.S. -- and a preview of what southeastern states can accomplish with strong policy support for renewables. The state is fourth in the country in installed solar capacity, and it added the 2nd-most solar last year.1
Solar Energy Industries Association
North Carolina is now on track to get 20% of its electricity from solar power by 2030,2
Environment North Carolina, November 2014
and solar currently supports 5,600 direct jobs in the state.3
The Solar Foundation, February 2015

The rapid growth of the solar industry in North Carolina is thanks to a litany of policy mechanisms enacted by the state to support its renewable energy industry. Not only is North Carolina one of the few states in southeast with a renewable portfolio standard, but its RPS contains an 0.8% carve-out for solar.4
DSIRE, February 2015
North Carolina also has several state tax incentive meant to support renewable energy installations and manufacturers.

That policy support has paid off. Clean energy supported over 22,000 jobs in North Carolina last year.5
NC Sustainable Energy Association, February 2015

Learn more about energy in North Carolina with ACORE’s Renewable Energy in the 50 States.

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